SEO Analysis Case Study – Part 1, Overview

Putting on the Bench

(Straight Shooter Labs is where I take an interesting web business–who is not a client–and put it through an SEO analysis, much like I do on a client engagement.  All the information I use for the SEO case study is public information.) You can read the other sections of this SEO analysis here: SEO Analysis Case Study – Part 2: Keyword Analysis SEO Analysis Case Study – Part 3: Competitive Analysis & Tactics seo analysis from - an Austin, TX SEOCurly hair is huge.  Every woman knows this.  Guys, on the other hand, can be pretty clueless.  So let  me tell you, guys, if you want a great example of an online community that brings people together to talk about a common problem or passion, you can’t do much better than and their store, is all about curly hair and how women feel about it, what they do to deal with it, how they look good in it, and what the best products are.  That last part is the intersection between commerce and community.  Women love to talk about hair products that work for them.  Ask any woman you know and they’ll tell you. was founded by a friend of mine, Michelle Bryer, so I know I am favorably biased towards them.  I recommended the web developer they used to give their site a makeover a number of years ago and I’ve been known to bend their ear on interactive marketing.  Still, they are a great example of social commerce and I’ve used them over the years as an example of a great online community.

So Much Hair, Such a Need to Focus

As a guy, I had no idea how much there is talk to about — and buy — when it comes to curly hair.  So, for this case study, I’m going to focus on, the e-commerce site for products.  (The family also has a site specific for hair stylists,, which would be another interesting case study for SEO.)

The item chosen for an SEO case study from Straightshooter SEO, and Austin, TX SEOOn, I’m going to focus even further by choosing one product. If I were consulting with, I would ask them to list their products by profit margin as a means for prioritizing which ones to optimize.  I’d then compare their prioritized list with unit sales and potential traffic based upon searches.  From there, I would provide a reworked, re-prioritized list of products for us to optimize that would drive the most profit for their SEO efforts.  You can’t optimize everything, so you optimize the most profitable.

For this SEO case study, I’m not talking to, so I don’t know for sure what’s most profitable for them.  So, I’ll pick one of their higher priced items under the assumption that it has the highest profit margin (an assumption which may or may not be true).  The product I’ve chosen is Wen Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. At $28 for a 16 oz bottle, it’s one of their Best of the Best products, being a winner in their best cleanser category. If their customers like it, then it’s a safe bet that it’s a good seller for them.   If it’s popular on, it’s probably popular with many folks.

This popularity could make for some stiff competition, but also for some interesting niches that the competition may have not already found.  I’ll cover that in the next installment when I go through the keyword analysis.  Join me.

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